Fall 2017 Submission Procedure for Thesis and Projects


For more information see the Fall 2017 Submission Process guide.
Step 1: Advancement to Candidacy. You can find the this and other graduate form here.

Step 2: Attend one of our thesis and project formatting workshops. Workshops are scheduled for November 6, 9, 15 & 16. Register for a workshop here.
Step 3: Although courtesy format reviews are no longer required, they are highly recommended. A courtesy review of a draft can identify and head off issues that might later jeopardize a final thesis or project approval. Theses and projects can be submitted for a courtesy review to cfr@humboldt.edu until November 13.
Step 4: Follow this LINK to make an account on our Digital Commons @ HSU (BePress) page, and upload your final draft of your thesis/project. Submit your finalized thesis or project a minimum of one business day before the deadline to allow your committee members time to electronically register their approval before the deadline: December 11.

We will ask for your contact information, as well the names and contact information of your committee members and graduate coordinator. They will be notified via email that your thesis/project has been uploaded. After they all approve of your work, the Graduate Studies Office will conduct the official format review through the Digital Commons @ HSU platform.
Step 5: The Scholarly Communications Office will conduct a formal format review. Stay in contact as you will be instructed to make revisions and resubmit.

Committee Members & Graduate Coordinators:

When you receive an email with a request to review a thesis/project, follow the link provided in that email and sign in to your account on the Digital Commons @ HSU (BePress) website. From there, you will be able to download the student’s thesis/project. You will be given the option to register an approval or rejection of the thesis/project for the current academic term. Instructions are linked below.
Once a thesis/project has been approved by all of the committee members and the graduate coordinator, the Graduate Studies Office will conduct the official format review.

Helpful Links: