Advancement to Candidacy and Graduation

Advancement to Candidacy and Graduation

Once you have met the prerequisites for candidacy, you should meet with your advisor to start the advancement to candidacy process. Your advancement to candidacy document is a contract between you and Cal Poly Humboldt that details the requirements of your master's degree. The Advancement to Candidacy includes your application for graduation.

Cal Poly Humboldt ATC (Advancement to Candidacy) Form

When to Advance

When to Advance

  • After your first year as a graduate student

  • Usually the semester BEFORE your last semester

Before you Advance

Before you Advance

  • Work with your advisor or committee to plan your coursework and thesis/project.

  • Submit a proposal to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for research with human subjects, or

  • Submit a proposal to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee for research with non-human vertebrates.

Candidacy Prerequisites

Candidacy Prerequisites

  • Classified standing (cleared admission deficiencies, if applicable).

  • Minimum of 12 units of coursework completed for your program.

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in all courses taken as a graduate student.

  • Approval of plan to use humans or animals as subjects for research, if applicable.

    • A copy of the approval letter must be attached to the candidacy paperwork.

Completing the Advancement Form

Completing the Advancement Form

Your proposed course list must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum of 30-semester units of approved coursework

  • 21 or greater semester units are taken at Humboldt (Residency requirement):

    • Humboldt Extended Education cannot be used for resident credit

  • At least half the units required are graduate-level (500-600 courses)

  • No more than six thesis or project units

    • Maximum of nine total units for independent study, fieldwork, and thesis/project courses

  • B- or better in all courses taken to satisfy the requirements for the degree

    • Must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better

Your proposed course list cannot include:

  • Lower division courses (100-200 level)

  • Courses more than seven years old

Program Codes

  • Check the "R" for all courses taken at Humboldt

  • Check the "G" for all courses taken at the graduate level (500-600)

  • Check the "C" for all thesis/project units

  • Check the "I" for any independent study, directed study, or research units taken (different from thesis/project units)

  • Check the "U" if the course was an undergraduate course (only 300-400 level courses accepted)

  • Check the "TEP" box for any courses that are transfers, extensions (e.g., Humboldt Extended Education), or post-baccalaureate (e.g., from a credential program)

Paying the Graduation Fee

Paying the Graduation Fee

  • Paying the graduation processing fee is necessary for your ATC form to be approved. To submit the fees electronically, you can click on the "Make a Payment" link on your Student Center homepage (not the MyHumboldt portal), or you can access  CashNet via the cashier's website. For instructions on how to complete this process please view this document:  fee_paying_instructions_1.pdf Keep your receipt number. You will enter the number in Adobe Sign.

Submitting the Advancement Form

Submitting the Advancement Form

  • The Advancement to Candidacy and Graduation uses Adobe Sign for routing and signatures. The form must be signed by your advisor, committee members (if applicable), and the graduate coordinator. 

  • IMPORTANT: Your form cannot be edited once you sign and submit. Please make sure all information is filled out correctly! If there is an error on your form, you will need to resubmit.

  • You will need to pay the graduation processing fee before you can submit the paperwork.

  • You will need to attach a copy of your approval from the IRB or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee if applicable.

  • Cal Poly Humboldt ATC (Advancement to Candidacy) Form.