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Thank you for all you do to support our graduate students at Cal Poly Humboldt. Below you will find information and resources that may be helpful to you in your role as support for graduate students.

Graduate Coordinator Guide

Graduate Student Handbook

Graduate Student Handbook

The Graduate Student Handbook was developed by the Graduate Council and the Office of Graduate Studies to help graduate students at Cal Poly Humboldt successfully navigate their way through a master's program. This handbook contains information reproduced from various sources including the Humboldt catalog, faculty handbook and from numerous policy documents. This handbook stipulates the minimum Humboldt requirements for completion of a master's degree, though some graduate programs have additional requirements beyond those covered herein.

Graduate Coordinator Responsibilities

Graduate Coordinator Responsibilities

See the PDF below for a list and description of Graduate Coordinator Responsibilities. 

 PDF icon graduate_coordinators_responsibilties.pdf

Changing Advisors

Changing Advisors

The website has a variety of how-to guides and we've added a new, updated guide you may find helpful: how to Assign, Change or Add an Advisor. Please share with any staff in your areas who process advisor changes. 

Approving a Thesis or Project

Approving a Thesis or Project

Students submit their completed thesis or project to digital commons, after which the committee members and graduate coordinator must approve the document.

First, students enter contact information for their committee and coordinator at the time they submit, which will generate an email to each person listed.

When you receive an email inviting you to review the document, follow the link to "accept" the role of reviewer. You will be able to download the document to make sure it is the final version of the thesis/project, as expected.

After you have accepted the reviewer role, you will be able to submit your review. You will have three options:

  1. Encourage revisions as described in my report.

Use this option if the thesis/project needs additional revisions. You will be able to upload a document with Track Changes to show the revisions/comments you want the student to complete. Alternatively, you can enter comments in the Option 3 box.

  1. Accept thesis/project with NO revisions

Use this if the thesis/project is completely ready for submission, and needs no additional revisions.

  1. Reject thesis/project for posting in the current term.

Use this if the thesis/project is not acceptable for the student to graduate in the current term. Add comments to the Option 3 box. If there are no comments about revisions, simply enter "I approve." You will receive an email confirming your decision.

Graduate Teaching Assistant Fee Waiver Requirements

Tuition Waiver Eligibility and Timelines

Tuition Waiver Eligibility and Timelines

Tuition Waiver Eligibility and Timeline (pdf)

Tuition Waivers for Nonresident Graduate Students (AA 2015-17)
  • The Office of Academic Programs - Graduate Studies will issue the specific credit-unit allocations for the following academic year by March 1.
  • Programs are expected to submit the names of their awardees to the Office of Graduate Studies by April 1 and the office will notify the students. Awardees must send written or email commitments to Graduate Studies by May 15, for the following year.
Tuition Waivers for Graduate Assistants and Teaching Associates (E0611)
  • Students must file a FAFSA no later than March 2.

  • Only students who do not receive a State University Grant (SUG) or other tuition coverage are eligible for a TA tuition waiver.

  • Students must be appointed at a minimum of 15 hours/week as a Graduate Assistant (Class Code 2355) or a minimum of 2 WTU's as a Teaching Associate (Class Code 2353 or 2354).

  • Students who have exceeded the graduate unit cap are not eligible for tuition waivers. See "Graduate Unit Cap" in the Cal Poly Humboldt 2012-2013 Financial Aid Award Guide.

  • For questions, please refer students to their financial aid counselor.

  • Programs will forward the names of graduate TAs and GAs for the next academic year to the Financial Aid Office by April 1.

  • Once eligibility has been determined, Financial Aid will send names of students awarded a GA/TA tuition waiver to the Office of Graduate Studies, which will inform students and departments. This process will be completed by the end of finals week.

  • Allocations made each spring will assume full-time support for the next two semesters. Departments are responsible for verifying the students' employment and their enrollment in program-relevant coursework within the first two weeks of each semester, and they will inform Financial Aid about the level of support appropriate for each TA.

  • GA/TA tuition waiver recipients who enroll for six or fewer total units (at least two of which must be related to their academic program) will be funded for half-time enrollment. GA/TA tuition waiver recipients who enroll for seven or more total units (at least seven of which must be related to their academic program) will be funded for full-time enrollment.

Making Expectations Explicit

Making Expectations Explicit

Making Expectations Explicit (pdf)

It is recommended that the expectations of graduate students and the advisor/committee chair be clarified early and maintained consistently. This document has suggestions for discussion.

English Language Proficiency

English Language Proficiency

English Language Proficiency: International students, including graduate applicants, are required to provide evidence of their English language proficiency.  Applicants are not restricted to the TOEFL test. There are many ways to meet the English proficiency requirement.  Please visit the link in the headline to find a list of approved tests/methods. For more information, please visit or contact the Humboldt College of Extended Education & Global Engagement: International Programs.  


Anonymization Guidelines

Anonymization Guidelines

For guidelines regarding masking the identity of respondents in thesis/project research, use Anonymization Guidelines (pdf).

Graduate Education Advising & Mentoring

Graduate Education Advising & Mentoring

Use the Stanford University Graduate Education Advising & Mentoring webpage for advising and mentoring resources for faculty advisors to graduate students.

Graduate Course List Guide



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