Office Contacts

Meet the Staff

Dr. Carmen Bustos-Works

Associate Vice President of Academic Programs

Dr. Amy Sprowles 

Faculty Associate Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

Terri Fisher    

Graduate Studies Specialist

Siemens Hall, Room 217


Cameron Allison Govier 

Curriculum Specialist 

Siemens Hall, Room 218

Meet the Student Assistants

Lesina Burdick

Year: Post-Baccalaureate
Major: Environmental Science Management Planning and Policy
Hometown: Placerville, CA

Why I Chose Humboldt: I chose Humboldt because of the hands-on learning and field experience offered in classes. I love that the campus is located next to redwood forests and beaches. My favorite thing about Humboldt is being surrounded by nature and wildlife. 

Amber Rae Dennis

Year: Post-Baccalaureate
Major: MA in Applied English Studies (c/o '24), BA in Constitutional Law and Policy
Hometown: Rio Dell, CA

Why I Chose Humboldt: As a local legacy student, I chose our university first and foremost because my father attended HSU in the early 90's. Being the 6th person in my family to graduate from Humboldt is a special privilege. Growing up, I spent extensive amounts of time on campus as a child which solidified my love for our local community as well as fueled my desire to attend.  Secondly, the beauty of our campus can't be beat!