Office Contacts

Meet the Staff

Dr. Carmen Bustos-Works

Associate Vice President of Academic Programs

Terri Fisher    

Graduate Studies Specialist

Siemens Hall, Room 217


Cameron Allison Govier 

Curriculum Specialist 

Siemens Hall, Room 218

Meet the Student Assistants

Nicole Martin

Year: Graduate
Major: Social Work
Hometown: Woodland, CA

Why I Chose Humboldt: I chose to come to Humboldt to explore the Redwood Coast while also learning about social psychology from amazing faculty. I decided to stay in Humboldt after graduating so I could learn how to better serve and support our rural and Indigenous communities. One of my favorite things about Humboldt is meeting so many people who love the area as much as I do.

Camille Burdick

Year: Post-Baccalaureate
Major: Zoology
Hometown: Placerville, CA

Why I Chose Humboldt: I decided to come to Cal Poly Humboldt because of the field experiences with wildlife and nature offered in courses. I enjoy the proximity to the beach and the beautiful views of the bay seen on campus. One of my favorite things about Humboldt is the beaches and redwood forests.