Office Contacts

Feel free to stop by our office any time Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM

Meet the Staff

Undergraduate & Graduate Studies Dean: Dr. Mary Oling-Sisay

Siemens Hall, Room 216


fax 826.6179

Graduate Studies Specialist: Terri Fisher                               

Siemens Hall, Room 217


fax 826.6179

Interim Curriculum Specialist: Kristin Heese

Siemens Hall, Room 217


fax 826.6179

Meet the Students

Miyako Namba 

Year: Junior

Major: Geography with a Geology Minor

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Why I Chose HSU: I wanted a place where I could grow and thrive that wasn't too far from home but far enough that I couldn't go home every weekend. I love how much my professors from all departments utilize where we are, both the emphasis on the abundance of nature, but also the lifestyle and real-life examples taken from Arcata, CA. I love the friendly community and the emphasis on a holistic lifestyle here. I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else.


Toni Maggi-Brown

Year: Sophomore

Major: Wildlife - Conservation Biology & Applied Vertebrate Ecology

Hometown: Corona, CA

Why I Chose HSU: I choose HSU to immerse myself in nature and explore all it has to offer. My favorite part about Humboldt is the influx of support and passionate individuals in the community.


Sarah Aguiar

Year: Sophomore

Major: Environmental Science and Management

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Why I Chose HSU: Its beautiful location and its strong Environmental Science program. I wanted to attend college in a place where being environmentally friendly is not only widespread but also encouraged. I also wanted to experience the majestic redwood forests first-hand, since no photos or descriptions can do them justice