Graduate Council

The purpose of the council is to discuss and approve such things as graduate program policy, program review, and the strategic plan for graduate education.


The graduate council consists of the Vice Provost, Academic Programs (Chair), a faculty member (graduate coordinator) from each master's program, and one student representative from each college.

Graduate Student Representatives

One student from each college is encouraged to join the Graduate Council for one academic year as a Graduate Student Representative. The Graduate Student Representative will have the responsibility to make their views and the views of the graduate student body known through the expression of student opinions on decisions affecting academic policy and procedures, as well as academic program approvals and/or changes.


Graduate council meetings take place on the 1st Monday of the month (unless a holiday) from 3-4 p.m. Future meetings will likely be hybrid with some members joining in person at Nelson Hall East Room 106 and others joining by zoom.

Meeting dates for the 2023-24 Academic Year:  

September 11th
October 2nd
November 6th 
December 4th 
February 5th 
March 4th
April 1st
May 6th
If you have any topics that you would like discussed at the 2023/24 Graduate Council Meetings, please fill out this Google form. Terri Fisher and the Graduate Studies staff will monitor the form throughout the academic year and use it in planning the agenda for each monthly meeting. 

Agendas and Notes