CSU Grad Slam Competition

College of Professional Studies Winner

Cal Poly Humboldt Grad Slam 2023 - Peggy Scarbarough

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Winner

Cal Poly Humboldt Grad Slam 2023 - Daniella Tierra

College of Natural Resources and Sciences Winner

Cal Poly Humboldt Grad Slam 2023 - Ester Obikoya

People's Choice Winner

Cal Poly Humboldt Grad Slam 2023 - Jekka Jones

The CSU Grad Slam Competition

Two students from each participating CSU will compete in the statewide Grad Slam Competition vitually. The CSU Grad Slam will be hosted by San Diego State University on Friday May 5th, 2023. Each student wanting to participate in the CSU Grad Slam MUST also participate in the Cal Poly Humboldt Grad Slam Competition. 

Student Resources 

Cal Poly Humboldt has many resources to help prepare you for this competition. In addition to the info sessions and office hours, check out these additional resources below. 

Academic Career and Advising Center 

As part of the competition you will need a professional headshot as well as professional attire. The Career Clothing Closet in Library 28, Monday through Friday, 11am to 1pm, where students can find FREE, gently-used career clothing in a variety of shapes and sizes. Additionally, the ACAC in collaboration with the library often host pop-up professional headshot sessions. For more information, check out the ACAC website. 

Writing Support from the Humboldt Writing Studio, Library 1st Floor

The Writing Studio provides free writing support for Humboldt students at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to final touches. Students at all levels and in all majors can benefit from discussing their writing projects with our friendly, trained writing consultants. We offer in-Person and Zoom consultations for live conversations about your writing and email consultations for written feedback. Open Sunday - Friday, day and evening hours.

Scoring Resources 

In order to set students up for success, the Office of Graduate Studies is providing the Judging Criteria and Rubric ahead of submissions and competition. Please see each below. Any questions can be directed to hsugrad@humboldt.edu.

Rubric & Judging Criteria