Graduate Student Success Plan

This is an approximate timeline and list of milestones to help you plan your time at Cal Poly Humboldt. Some details may vary by program, so be sure to stay in close communication with your advisor, committee, and/or graduate coordinator, as applicable.

First Semester
    • Develop a tentative graduate course list with your major professor. A minimum of 50% of the courses must be at the graduate level).
Second Semester
Third Semester
    • Apply for Advancement to Candidacy and Graduation. Admission to candidacy is an acknowledgment of a student's potential to complete the requirements for the master's degree. Application deadlines are published on Academic Deadlines.
    • Apply here
Fourth Semester
    • Complete your coursework
    • Complete the university culminating experience (thesis, project, or comprehensive exam).
    • Submit a final electronic document to the Humboldt Digital Commons Platform.