Graduate Student Spotlight

Group photo of all of the Student who recieve Outstanding Student Awards

The Office of Graduate Studies wants to recognize Cal Poly Humboldt’s outstanding graduate students. To nominate a graduate student for a graduate student spotlight, email More nomination details can be found here at 

The McConkey Awards are given in Memory of Patricia McConkey and her many years of service to Graduate Studies, and to graduate students, at Cal Poly Humboldt.

The McConkey Award recipients are selected by the faculty of their graduate programs, in recognition of excellence in their fields. McConkey Award recipients graduate with distinction on their transcript and are recognized in their commencement program.

Professional Photo of Benjamin Anjewierden from the shoulders up

Benjamin Anjewierden
M.A. Psychology; Academic Research
Thesis: Positive and Negative Contact as Predictors of Attitudes Toward Law Enforcement
Advisor: Amber Gaffney

Professional Photo of Anne Howard from the shoulders up

Anne Howard
M.A. Applied English
Thesis: Counter-Mapping the Material World of The Bone Clocks: A Critical Analysis through Digital Cartography
Advisor: Janet Winston

Professional Photo of Skye Choi from the shoulders up

Skye Choi
M.S. Kinesiology
Thesis: Absolute and relative reference values of college-aged men and women for the YMCA bench press test for muscular endurance
Advisor: Young Sub Kwon

Photo of Alec Brown from the waist up looking at a view of a suburban area

Alec Brown
M.S. Natural Resources - Environmental Science & Management
Thesis: Coastal resilience in a climate changed world: Leveraging community resources and knowledge with best available science to construct a framework for adapting to uncertain futures facing Humboldt Bay’s spent nuclear fuel
Advisor: Jennifer Marlow

Photo of Melody Tew from the waist up holding a skeleton of the jaw bone of an animal
Melody Tew
M.S. Biology
Thesis: Neural crest cell migration and developmental origin of bony scutes in White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus)
Advisor: Allison Bronson